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"Notes from a Wood-Paneled Basement made me feel how I did the first time I saw The 400 Blows. A poignant sadness hangs in the air of this poetry collection, but then such wonder grabs your collar and takes you sprinting to the sea. Punk rock, stink bugs, the last good memory from childhood. Alan ten-Hoeve is a wonderful poet."
—Bud Smith

"With pieces filled with pathos and wit and work rooted in connection and working-class honesty, Notes from a Wood-Paneled Basement looks at what we do with our time, our memories, the complicated pictures of our parents that come into clearer focus the older we get. It squares what we inherited against what we refuse to pass on and asks whether we can enjoy the tiny/funny/happy/sad moments that are, slowly, becoming our life. Simply put, Alan ten-Hoeve is one of the few writers I'd read anything from, and Notes from a Wood-Paneled Basement is one of the best books I've read in a very long time. An absolutely stunning debut."
—Nick Olson

"Bah-gawd, that's Alan ten-Hoeve's music!! Notes from a Wood-Paneled Basement delivers a Stone Cold Stunner straight to the heart. But before it does that, it proceeds to smash two beers against its forehead and flip you off. All in good fun, of course. Alan's poetry is a masterclass in honesty, bursting at the seams with pop culture references and humor. TL;DR: put this collection in your pipe and smoke it, baby."
—Shawn Berman

“Some of these poems were pretty good.”
—Poe Ballantine

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